How a custom project became real

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How we make your idea come true

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Your dream

Tell us your desire, your idea, the style and the materials to use, together we create a preliminary draft, it is enough to tell us which material you want to use and the style you prefer. We take care of the rest.


Our idea is carefully examined from our engineers and designer that make it became possible. The design phase is the most important step, where all the entire process is planned. It is at this stage that what it was only a dream comes to life.


Thanks to a 3-D printer or handmade in clay from our sculptor, we realize a prototype of your desire object.

The product

Once the prototype is ready, our designer optimized the final drawing of your idea that will be followed in every details during the production phase.

Your creation

This is the latest phase, that makes your dream comes true.



Materials and finishes

It is the care for every details that highlight the passion for our products. The materials are exclusive, very high quality and guaranteed up to 20 years.

The finishes of our customized door handles maintain their beauty over time.