i-Design created with Filo!

The new comfort standard in design installations

Filo! Il nuovo standard di comodità nelle installazioni di designThanks to the Filo! ID01 patent, for the installation of the spring wire of the Filo! system, customized holes will be no longer necessary.
The technician will not have to make a special hole in the door for the spring seat, but he can use the hole of 20mm diameter, which already exists on the doors.

The spring can be also provided both in the R8 50 version, with wood fastening swings, and in the version R8 50BB.

The evolution of the handles

Filo! is the new innovative system of door fixing, complete with patented spring which reduced to just 3mm the thickness of the rose and the nozzle. Technology, design, functionality and innovation in just 3 mm of Filo!.