Maniglione Venere cromo satinato verniciato Fashion
Maniglione Venere ottone satinato verniciato Fashion
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Product description

Art. 0140

The pull handle for external doors Venere is completely Made in brass material, 100% Made in Italy.

This design pull is the latest news of the 2017/2018 Fashion collection, with its modern design it is suitable for entrace doors, gates, and main doors.

The pull handle Venere is available in many different finishes: such as polished brass, bronze brass, chrome, satin chrome and P.V.D.

The P.V.D finish is a zirconium treatment made on the brass surface that makes this finish very resistent, it is highly reccomanded for frequented areas such as offices and commercial buildings, for seaside areas aswell, in fact the P.V.D. finish has 20 years warranty.

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Satin chrome

Yester bronze brass

Bronze brass

Polished brass



Angelo Dolcetti