NEW SOFT TOUCH FINISH for PFS Pasini Door Handles

In 2017 PFS Pasini enriches its Fashion Line with two new models of door handles: Twist and Portofino in black & white soft touch

With this new finish and design Pasini not only wants to satisfy the demanding architects and interior designers, looking for a new “LIKE SILK” finish, but the fist aim is to grant a longer duration of this special varnish applied to the brass.

The soft touch varnish applied to the door handles is in fact subject to the depolymerisation of the surface layer, this phenomena brings to a change of the texture over time, compromising the initial “silk effect“ of the door handle.

Thanks to a through work carried out by our varnishing artisans, Pasini is able to present the first models of door handle for interiors with soft touch finish, ensuring the smooth feeling and limiting the “bubbles effect” that this type of varnish takes over time.


To achieve this goal of perfect quality, our varnishing lab had been committed, over the last few months, to test this new soft touch finish applied to Twist and Portofino door handles black & white, that have undergone to strict and several test by our technicians.

As a result of these tests, we can state that the soft touch finish has an excellent strength. To the test that reproduce the damaged caused by the sunlight, rain and dew, the opacity remains unchanged and after 200 hours in salt-spray test, the soft touch finish, especially the black colour is unchanged.


In conclusion, we advise to choose the soft touch finish on interior doors and, as regarding the maintenance, we strongly advise not to use any aggressive products and cleaning the surface with a smooth cloth.

As always Pasini guarantees to its retailers and clients top quality standards on all its production, giving technical and installation advices, to use and love its door handles for a long time.


The soft touch finish is available on every model of the PFS Pasini Fashion Line.

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