If you are an architect, decorator or furniture store owner, maybe you would like to know more about the antibacterial standards of spaces and objects that are often touched such as door handles.

At PASINI at the moment we are busy restyling the new catalogue 2020, so we took the opportunity to select some models that in terms of shape, material and finish lend themselves to be the most suitable for reducing contagions due to the passage of germs from hand to hand.

You must first know that the selling point for brass handles is precisely its antibacterial properties, as demonstrated by numerous scientific researches, in fact, copper and its alloys have a natural ability to eliminate microorganisms, therefore they are called antibacterial or antimicrobial surfaces.

If your are dealing with design remember that brass handles are undoubtedly more suitable than handles in glass, plastic, steel or zamac.

At PASINI we have done more! A model of which we are particularly proud because the result of our collaboration with the Polytechnic of Milan, and the designer Daniela Seminara: the handles of the Plus serie, which introduce a new material we particularly use in the health sector: Corian®, a resistant, long-lasting and antibacterial material. Its non-porous surface also allows easy maintenance and proper cleaning which does not support the growth of bacteria and mold.

Feel free to contact us to receive our catalog or to get more information about our antibacterial models and guarantee your project, whether it is public space or domestic environment, a high standard & a wide range of models of handles for doors and windows capable of combining DESIGN & SAFETY.