Made in Italy door handles and accessories for your home decoration


Pasini since 1967 creates, manufactures and sells door handles, doors pull handles, doors and windows hardware, in the name of the most authentic Italian tradition.

The expression Made in Italy has always been synonymous with tradition; even today, Italy stands out in the international market for the quality, creativity and originality of its products.

However, we must recognize, particularly in our home furnishings sector, that many things have changed in the way we create a “Made in Italy” product.

door handles
Door Handles Queen with rose chrome silver finishing

What does it means for PASINI produce Made in Italy handles?

First of all experience and responsibility.

Italy has the strictest and most accurate production control system in the world at all stages of the production process. For this reason, in the back side of the Pasini door handles brass plates, you can see and touch the embossed Made in Italy brand.

Innovation and design.

In recent years we have patent two technological solutions for door lock and window frame, with a high aesthetic impact: the window closing system Dreh Kipp Filo! DK and Filo! BK.

Excellence and creativity made for our customers.

This is why at Pasini we have created ‘Custom-made’ a customer-oriented service to create unique and exclusive handles and accessories for villas, palaces and museums around the world.

Real masterpiece born from the skill of our Italian master craftsmen.

Labeling: Made in Italy clearly identified 

Pasini is the first handle producer in the world, to certify the originality of its products thanks to the collaboration with ‘Certilogo‘, a company specialized in anti-counterfeiting, used by the most prestigious fashion brands in the world.

door handles
Certilogo label and you choose the authentic Italian door handles Queen by Pasini 

If you are an Italian design lover, door handles, doors knobs, door hardware and window frame by PFS Pasini, are your accesible Italian luxury.


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